Why you should consider Montessori for your Preschooler

Why you should consider Montessori for your Preschooler  Daycare Preschool Academy in Duncan, SC. Providing affordable and reliable child care for families.

Parents should only consider childcare facilities that promote a positive self image. Consider the Montessori method, developed by Italian physician Maria Montessori and introduced to the U.S. in the early 20th century. This educational approach provides a safe and more enriching environment for children.

For many children, attending daycare or school can be very scary. School children experience great levels of anxiety. Those children are sometimes labeled as slow learners when compared to other children.  Parents must know that that childcare centers and schools are more than academic institutions. Preschools and daycare centers are places where children establish much of their identity. That’s where many children gain a sense of who they are and how they fit into the world.

The Benefits of Montessori at KidZone Kids Preschool Academy in Duncan, SC

Montessori Preschool Academy Daycare in Duncan, SC. Providing affordable and reliable child care for families.One of the main features of Montessori is that children play a major role in deciding what they want to do each day. Children and students are permitted to move around freely and work independently or with others.  The learning environment includes many sensory learning materials.  In a Montessori classroom, the teacher is not the boss but a caring facilitator.  The Montessori teacher works with each child individually, by modeling various activities before and giving the children freedom and space to explore the concepts on their own.  Our teachers consider the interests and skills of the students when preparing learning experiences. The idea is that students grow to feel an intense sense of pride and accomplishment when they master the concepts.

Our approaching to learning is good for all children. When faced with a new challenge and then given space, children can actually accomplish great things!



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