Choosing a Quality Childcare Provider

Choosing a Childcare Provider

Looking for a Childcare Provider? Choosing the right child care center for your child is a critical decision. Affordable child care, daycare, preschool, after-school in Duncan, SC Things you should consider when choosing a quality childcare provider....
When deciding on any type of childcare, quality is the most important factor.  Beyond researching rates, ask for a tour of childcare care facilities you are considering. Always look for a welcoming, nurturing environment where your child can have fun and be safe.
According to research, the factors listed below constitute high quality childcare:

  • Small groups of children – There should be 2 caregivers for each group of 6 to 8 babies, 6 to 10 toddlers, or 16 to 20 preschoolers, to ensure individualized attention to your child’s needs.
  • Consistent caregivers – To build self-esteem and security, infants and toddlers need consistency
  • Active parents – Parents that are actively involved help build trust and communication between home and childcare.
  • Education and training –  It is critical that staff be trained in child development.
  • Clean, safe and stimulating environment – A child’s development requires this type of environment.

Childcare Checklist

Refer to this checklist when searching for quality childcare for your child.


  • Keeps all equipment in good condition
  • Removes potential hazards from reach
  • Provides a clean and comfortable environment
  • Encourages and models good hygiene


  • Treats children with respect
  • Gets on the child’s level physically when speaking
  • Speaks and listens with respect
  • Accepts the child’s feelings and differences
  • Encourages exploration while setting appropriate limits
  • Provides every child with his or her own place for sleeping and storing belongings
  • Incorporates families through regular communication and involvement in the program


  • Provides age-appropriate equipment and activities
  • Provides age-appropriate and culturally appropriate toys
  • Sets appropriate limits
  • Helps children learn how to interact with each other
  • Helps children learn how to take care of themselves


  • Has training in child development, first aid and CPR
  • Has criminal background check
  • Has experience caring for children
  • Has supervision as well as education and training
  • Understands and respects different parenting styles

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