August 23, 2017


Mission Statement

The mission of KidZone Kids is to partner with families to prepare children academically and socially through safe and fun learning experiences that are proven to lead to a bright and prosperous future.


Our ultimate vision is for all children to be prepared for success in school and life.

Core Values

KidZone Kids and staff collectively acknowledge a joint willingness to embrace the moral obligations of caring for the world’s most vulnerable citizens. Our core values are deeply rooted in genuine care and compassion for children. We are committed to:

  • Acknowledge and support the bond between family and child
  • Appreciate childhood as a precious and beautiful stage of human life
  • Base our work on knowledge of how children learn and child development research
  • Respect the dignity, worth, and uniqueness of each child and their family members

Our Philosophy

  • We believe young children learn best in environments that are safe, healthy, nurturing and responsive to their individual needs.
  • We believe families are of key importance in children’s development. It is an honor to communicate, cooperate, and collaborate with families to nurture the child’s growth.
  • We believe each child’s culture, language and ethnicity should be recognized  and valued. Learning experiences should be provided  in a language children know and is used in their home.
  • We believe the role of teachers is to guide children through engaging and developmentally appropriate learning experiences that grow the whole child.
  • We believe children should have access to a wide variety of safe and captivating materials that enhance learning.
  • We believe children that are ready to enter school have a positive attitude toward learning, can work and play cooperatively with others, explores books independently, recognizes patterns, and engages in healthy movement.
  • We believe an effective director is an advocate for children, their families, and their teachers in the community and society. An effective director stays informed of and maintains high standards of professional conduct.